ACKnowl-EJ will launch in 2017 an Arab regional platform mapping environmental (in)justice conflicts and resistance. The platform will be in both English and Arabic with the aim of making available information on environmental issues in the region.

In the Arab region, as evidenced by movements against fracking in Tunisia and Algeria, environmental activism is articulating different developmental visions. While these EJ movements are nascent and numerous economic, political, and institutional obstacles lie in the way towards sustainability, the independent research, communication, and grassroots outreach planned in this project aims to to enrich the debate and contribute to regional policy development on environmental issues. This effort is coordinated by the American University of Beirut in collaboration with the Atlas team at ICTA-UAB.

The platform is being developed in collaboration with a Political Ecology Regional Advisory Board to identify and document stories, paying attention to relevant geographies and topics, and create a network for organizations working on environmental justice in the region. The platform will also host regional workshops on EJ with invited civil society actors and researchers.  Please contact our AUB partners if you want to get involved in this process!