[ut_header title=”Alternative and Resistance Movements: The Two Faces of Sustainability Transformations?”]Article by Jérôme Pelenc (ACKnowl-EJ researcher), Grégoire Wallenborn, Julien Milanesi, Léa Sébastien, Julien Vastenaekels, Fany Lajarthe, Jérôme Ballet, Manuel Cervera-Marzal, Aurélie Carimentrand, Nicolas Merveille, Bruno Frère


•We address the issue of sustainability transformation in Ecological Economics through the lens of social movements

•We link environmental resistance movements and alternative movements

• We investigate the similarities and differences between these two kind of movements

•We advocate for a more politicized, social-movement oriented and place-based approach to sustainability transformations

• We contribute to the development of a more political and emancipatory conception of sustainability[/ut_header]