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12 May 2018

Investigación-acción y fortalecimiento de capacidades sobre la autonomía indígena como estrategia de gestión y control territorial San Lorenzo, Lomerio, Abril 2017 INVESTIGACION-ACCION Y FORTALECIMIENTO DE CAPACIDADES SOBRE LA AUTONOMIA INDIGENA COMO ESTRATEGIA DE GESTION Y CONTROL…

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28 Feb 2018

Resistance to Keystone pipeline continues in face of huge spill, South Dakota considers pulling TransCanada’s operating permit

Resistance to Keystone pipeline continues after most recent spill, while South Dakota Public Service Commission warns TransCanada Inc that they…

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05 Dec 2017

Mapping Back: A workshop on counter mapping resource conflicts on Indigenous homelands

Science writer Sunitha Chari attended the MappingBack workshop in October 2017 organized by ACKnowl-EJ, Concordia University, Department of Geography, Planning and…

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06 Nov 2017

BLOCKADIA: New map shows massive direct action resistance against fossil fuel projects around the globe

A new interactive map by researchers of the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology of the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona…

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25 Jul 2017

On Taking Transformation Seriously: Dreams, speculations, and alternative-building in academia

Lena Weber is a PhD candidate at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and a member of the ACKnowl-EJ network. In…

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