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Interns/researchers wanted!


The ACKnowl-EJ project is looking for interns / students / researchers to collaborate and support our ongoing research, particularly our work with the Global Environmental Justice Atlas (EJAtlas) in Turtle Island / North America (Canada and the US).

ACKnowl-EJ (Activist-Academic Co-Produced Knowledge for Environmental Justice) is a network of scholars and activists engaged in action and collaborative research, that aims to analyze the transformative potential of community responses to extractivism and alternatives born from resistance. We aim to co-produce knowledge that can empower communities to push for change, geared towards the needs of social groups, advocates, citizens and social movements.

The EJatlas is an online platform that collects stories of communities struggling for environmental justice from around the world in a collaborative process between academics and social movements. It aims to make these mobilization more visible, highlight claims and testimonies and to make the case for true corporate and state accountability for the injustices inflicted through their activities. It also attempts to serve as a virtual space for those working on EJ issues to get information, find other groups working on related issues, and increase the visibility of environmental conflicts. The Atlas is directed at ICTA-UAB by Leah Temper and Joan Martinez Alier and coordinated by Daniela Del Bene, at the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology (ICTA) at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona.

Projects of interest at this time include:

1. Entering cases into the atlas towards developing an environmental history of Canada and/or the United States through a lens of ecological conflicts and indigenous histories of resistance

The intern will network with environmental justice organizations and movements to document cases of environmental conflicts and resistance mapping these in the EJAtlas. This work can feed into a larger research project to be jointly discussed, for example a term paper or thesis.

2. An analysis of the disproportionate role of Canadian-headquartered companies abroad in environmental conflicts and violations

The intern will enter and analyse cases documented in the EJAtlas on Canadian companies and their involvement in environmental conflicts around the world, with the goal of visibilizing the resistance movements against these companies and calling attention to their role in environmental and human rights violations. This can also feed into a larger research project.

Other research proposals for expanding the atlas will also be welcomed. Other possible tasks might include support in website development for ACKnowl-EJ and Mapping Back (, or development of pedagogical materials from the EJAtlas.

Intern(s) will receive supervision and support from ACKnowl-EJ members and are encouraged to bring their own interests and perspectives into their collaboration with the project. Possible outputs might include blogs, a featured map, campaign materials, and/or participation in scholarly articles.

At this time, this position is unpaid, however we hope to find a situation where we can support students in doing this work for credit, in conjunction with their thesis work, or in finding their own funding.

Please contact Dr. Leah Temper ( and Lena Weber ( with expressions of interest. Include a brief description of the project to be carried out, your competencies for the position and a CV.